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applebonkers's Journal

Apple Bonkers
15 August
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OK, I'll actually put something here. Truth is, I know a lot more about myself than I let on. I was born in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Other than a brief stint in Eugene, Oregon, and even briefer stints in England and Australia, this is where I've lived out my whole life to this point. It's a decent place, most of the time, and my family ensures that nowhere else can be home. But I love to travel, preferably for extended periods.

I'm a vegetarian, liberal Catholic (not a weekly churchgoing Catholic, but a daily praying one). I believe in being a good planetmate to animals and volunteer at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. I love my Meelo (rescued as a feral kitten) fiercely. I would say I have a passion for theater, but passion may not be quite a passionate enough word for it.

I could enter a contest for the world's biggest Beatles fan under 40, and I enjoy playing guitar and miss playing piano. I make my living working for a real estate trade association.

I'm also a writer (my one published book to date is "Spark Stories," found on iuniverse.com) who needs to write a lot more often.
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