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The world is watching . . . something

Weekend Assignment #230: Have you been watching the Olympics? If so, what have you particularly enjoyed? If not, then what, if anything, would entice you to watch?

Extra Credit: Is there a sport not in the Olympics that ought to be there?

Um, the Olympics have been happening?

OK, actually it isn't quite that bad. I know the Olympics began on 8/8/08 and ended today. Having been in Beijing myself two years ago, I even made a few first-hand observations of the city's gargantuan efforts to prepare itself for them. However, although the Olympics happened neatly within the break I had between summer semester and fall semester (which starts tomorrow! - of course, I've still been working), my awareness of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing basically boils down to this:

There was a very expensive opening ceremony in which a little girl with straight teeth sang, and it was later revealed that it was a little girl with crooked teeth who was doing the actual singing, and there was an American guy named Michael Phelps who was a rather big deal, and he swam, and he has a mother.

I might have watched some of the Olympics if I were more inclined to watch things on television in general, and if I wasn't spending my brief break attending to the run of the play Proof at Santa Clara Players, where I'm on the Board, celebrating my birthday with my friends, celebrating my birthday with my family (actually I did see about five minutes of a women's track meet at my parents' house last Saturday), checking out the
Frida Kahlo exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA, checking out the Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble at San Jose's free Music in the Park series, going out to a nature preserve to watch bats at sunset, and savoring the sublime luxury of actually getting to read a novel for fun.

All things considered, I think I'm happy with the way I spent my break.
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